A Coruña, Spain

Conference Program - SISAP 2023

16th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications

A Coruña, Spain, Oct 9-11, 2023

Monday, October 9th



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Chairs: Vladimir Estivill (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain) and Oscar Pedreira (University of A Coruña, Spain).

Keynote 1: From Intrinsic Dimensionality to Chaos and Control: Towards a Unified Theoretical View

Michael Houle (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)
Chair: Giuseppe Amato (CNR-ISTI, Italy)
11:15-11:45Coffee Break

Session 1: Foundations of Similarity Search I

Chair: Richard Connor (University of St. Andrews, UK)
Finding HSP Neighbors via an Exact, Hierarchical Approach
Class Representatives Selection in Non-Metric Spaces for Nearest Prototype Classification
Is Quantized ANN Search Cursed? Case Study of Quantifying Search and Index Quality
Solving k-Closest Pairs in High-Dimensional Data using Locality-Sensitive Hashing

Session 2: SISAP Indexing Challenge I

Chair: Martin Aumüller (ITU Copenhagen, Denmark)
Eric S. Téllez, Martin Aumüller, Edgar Chavez
SISAP Indexing Challenge Opening
Enhancing Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search: Binary-Indexed LSH-Tries, Trie Rebuilding, And Batch Extraction
General and Practical Tuning Method for Off-the-Shelf Graph-Based Index: SISAP Indexing Challenge Report by Team UTokyo
SISAP 2023 Indexing Challenge -- Learned Metric Index
17:30-18:00Coffee Break

Sesion 3: SISAP Indexing Challenge II

Chair: Martin Aumüller (ITU Copenhagen, Denmark)
Computational Enhancements of HNSW Targeted to Very Large Datasets
CRANBERRY: Memory-Effective Search in 100M High-Dimensional CLIP Vectors
An Alternating Optimization Scheme for Binary Sketches for Cosine Similarity Search

Guided city tour and Conference Reception

Tuesday, October 10th



Registration desk is open

Keynote 2: The Rise of HNSW: Understanding Key Factors Driving the Adoption of Search Libraries in Machine Learning

Yury Malkov
Chair: Stephane Marchand-Maillet (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break

Session 4: Foundations of Similarity Search

Chair: Gylfi Þór Guðmundsson (University of Reykjavik, Iceland)
Vec2Doc: Transforming Dense Vectors into Sparse Representations for Efficient Information Retrieval
Unbiased Similarity Estimators using Samplesh
Diversity Similarity Join for Big Data

Session 5: Applications

Chair: Yasin Silva (Loyola University Chicago, USA)
Approximate Similarity Search for Time Series Data Enhanced by Section Min-Hash
Retrieve-and-Rank End-to-End Summarization of Biomedical Studies
Suitability of Nearest Neighbour Indexes for Multimedia Relevance Feedback
Fine-grained Categorization of Mobile Applications through Semantic Similarity Techniques for Apps Classification

Visit to Santiago de Compostela and Gala dinner at Pazo de Vilaboa

Wednesday, October 11th


Keynote 3: Towards a Universal Similarity Function: the Information Contrast Model and its Application as Evaluation Metric in Artificial Intelligence Tasks

Julio Gonzalo
Chair: Vincent Oria (NJIT, USA)
10:30-11:00Coffee Break

Session 6: Foundations of Similarity Search III

Chair: Lucia Vadicamo (ISTI- CNR, Italy)
Similarity Search with Multiple-Object Queries
Minwise-Independent Permutations with Insertion and Deletion of Features
Turbo Scan: Fast Sequential Nearest Neighbor Search in High Dimensions
Usage of Datasets for Evaluation in Similarity Retrieval: Popular Choices and a New Similarity-based Dataset Selection Approach

Session 7: Clustering

Chair: Vladimir Mic (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Mutual nearest neighbor graph for data analysis: Application to metric space clustering
SDOclust: Clustering with Sparse Data Observers
Accelerating k-Means Clustering with Cover Trees
Shoshana Marcus, Dina Sokol and Sarah Zelikovitz
Runs of Side-Sharing Tandems in Rectangular Arrays


Presentations: 20' for presentation + 10' for Q&A