Conference Program – SISAP2021

14th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications

Dortmund, Germany, Sept 29 – Oct 01, 2021

Times are given in CEST, Central European Summer Time.

Wednesday, September 29th

13:30 to 14:00

Social Hangout

pre-conference hangout in Zoom (open breakout rooms for discussion)
14:00 to 14:15


Chair: Erich Schubert, TU Dortmund

Similarity Search and Retrieval 1

Chair: Richard Connor, University of St Andrews, Scotland
14:15 to 14:55 Miriama Jánošová, David Procházka and Vlastislav Dohnal
Organizing Similarity Spaces using Metric Hulls
Fabian Fier and Johann-Christoph Freytag
Scaling Up Set Similarity Joins Using A Cost-Based Distributed-Parallel Framework
Erich Schubert
A Triangle Inequality for Cosine Similarity
Felix Borutta, Peer Kröger and Matthias Renz
A Cost Model for Reverse Nearest Neighbor Query Processing on R-trees Using Self Pruning (short paper)

Intrinsic Dimensionality

Session chair: Arthur Zimek, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
15:15 to 15:55 Miloš Savić, Vladimir Kurbalija and Miloš Radovanović
Local Intrinsic Dimensionality and Graphs: Towards LID-aware Graph Embedding Algorithms
Stephane Marchand-Maillet, Oscar Pedreira and Edgar Chavez
Structural Intrinsic Dimensionality
James Bailey, Michael E. Houle and Xingjun Ma
Relationships between Local Intrinsic Dimensionality and Tail Entropy
Michael E. Houle and Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
The Effect of Random Projection on Local Intrinsic Dimensionality

Doctoral Symposium

Session Chair: Ilaria Bartolini, University of Bologna, Italy
DS talks are 20 minutes live, with 10 minutes of discussion for additional feedback.
16:15 to 17:45 Marco Postiglione
Towards an Italian Healthcare Knowledge Graph
Luca Zecchini
Progressive Query-driven Entity Resolution
Fabrizio Scarrone
Discovering Latent Information from Noisy Sources in the Cultural Heritage Domain
18:00 to 19:00

Poster Session

Poster session in SISAP Adventure.
19:00 to 20:00

Social Hangout

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Thursday, September 30th

13:00 to 14:00

Poster Session

Poster session in SISAP Adventure.
14:00 to 14:10

Welcome Back, Day 2

Chair: Erich Schubert, TU Dortmund

Similarity Search and Retrieval 2

Chair: Björn Þór Jónsson, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
14:15 to 14:55 Jakub Lokoc and Tomáš Souček
How Many Neighbours for Known-item Search?
Lucia Vadicamo, Claudio Gennaro and Giuseppe Amato
On Generalizing Permutation-Based Representations for Approximate Search
Terézia Slanináková, Matej Antol, Jaroslav Oľha, Vojtěch Kaňa and Vlastislav Dohnal
Data-driven Learned Metric Index: an Unsupervised Approach
Maximilian Hünemörder, Peer Kröger and Matthias Renz
Towards a Learned Index Structure for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Query Processing (short paper)

Similarity Search and Retrieval 3

Session chair: Lucia Vadicamo, ISTI-CNR, Italy
15:15 to 15:55 Tomas Skopal, David Bernhauer, Petr Skoda, Jakub Klimek and Martin Necasky
Similarity vs. Relevance: From Simple Searches to Complex Discovery
Jonatan Møller Nuutinen Gøttcke, Arthur Zimek and Ricardo José Gabrielli Barreto Campello
Non-Parametric Semi-Supervised Learning by Bayesian Label Distribution Propagation
Omid Jafari, Preeti Maurya, Khandker Mushfiqul Islam and Parth Nagarkar
Optimizing Fair Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searches using Threaded B+-Trees
Magnus Lie Hetland and Halvard Hummel
Fairest Neighbors: Tradeoffs Between Metric Queries (short paper)

Similarity Applications

Session chair: Matthias Renz, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
16:15 to 16:55 Vladimir Mic, Tomáš Raček, Aleš Křenek and Pavel Zezula
Similarity Search for an Extreme Application: Experience & Implementation
Maciej Gawinecki, Wojciech Szmyd, Urszula Żuchowicz and Marcin Walas
What makes a good movie recommendation? Feature selection for Content-Based Filtering
Fernando Luque, Jorge L. López-López and Edgar Chavez
Indexed Polygon Matching under Similarities
Ahmed Askar and Andreas Züfle
Clustering Adverse Events of COVID-19 Vaccines across the United States
19:30 to 21:00

Online Social Event & Virtual City Tour

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Friday, October 1st

7:00 to 8:00

Poster Session

Poster session in SISAP Adventure.
13:00 to 14:00

Social Hangout

pre-conference hangout in Zoom (open breakout rooms for discussion)
14:00 to 14:10

Welcome Back, Day 3

Chair: Erich Schubert, TU Dortmund

Clustering and Classification

Session chair: Miloš Radovanović, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
14:10 to 14:40 Erich Schubert, Andreas Lang and Gloria Feher
Accelerating Spherical k-Means
Erik Thordsen and Erich Schubert
MESS: Manifold Embedding Motivated Super Sampling
Jonatan Møller Nuutinen Gøttcke and Arthur Zimek
Handling Class Imbalance in k-Nearest Neighbor Classification by Balancing Prior Probabilities

Special Session: Similarity Search in Graph-Structured Data (SISEG)

Session chair: Nils Kriege, University of Vienna, Austria
15:00 to 16:15 Franka Bause, David B. Blumenthal, Erich Schubert and Nils M. Kriege
Metric Indexing for Graph Similarity Search
Lucas Gnecco Heredia, Nicolas Boria, Sébastien Bougleux, Florian Yger and David Blumenthal
The Minimum Edit Arborescence Problem and Its Use in Compressing Graph Collections
Mathias Fuchs and Kaspar Riesen
Graph Embedding in Vector Spaces Using Matching-Graphs
Benjamin Paaßen
An A*-algorithm for the Unordered Tree Edit Distance with Custom Costs (short paper)
Jakub Peschel, Michal Batko, Jakub Valcik, Jan Sedmidubsky and Pavel Zezula
FIMSIM: Discovering Communities by Frequent Item-Set Mining and Similarity Search (short paper)
Panel Discussion
All presenters of the SISEG session will participate in a panel discussion.
16:15 to 17:00

Closing and Awards

Session chair: Erich Schubert, TU Dortmund