Accepted Papers

The conference proceedings are available here.

Theban Stanley, Nihar Vanjara, Yanxin Pan, Ekaterina Pirogova, Swagata Chakraborty and Abon Chaudhuri. Fast Similar Image Retrieval for Identifying Non-compliant Products in E-commerce Catalog
Naoya Higuchi, Yasunobu Imamura, Vladimir Mic, Takeshi Shinohara, Kouichi Hirata and Tetsuji Kuboyama. Pivot Selection for Narrow Sketches by Optimization Algorithms
Erik Thordsen and Erich Schubert. ABID: Angle Based Intrinsic Dimensionality
Evgeny Dantsin and Alexander Wolpert. Similarity Between Points in Metric Measure Spaces
Thomas Dybdahl Ahle. On the Problem of p1 in Locality-Sensitive Hashing
Fabian Fier, Tianzheng Wang, Eric Zhu and Johann-Christoph Freytag. Parallelizing Filter-Verification based Exact Set Similarity Joins on Multicores
Vladimir Mic and Pavel Zezula. Accelerating Metric Filtering by Improving Bounds on Estimated Distances
Omid Jafari, Parth Nagarkar and Jonathan Montano. Improving Locality Sensitive Hashing by Efficiently Finding Projected Nearest Neighbors
Omid Jafari, Parth Nagarkar and Jonathan Montano. mmLSH: A Practical and Efficient Technique for Processing Approximate Nearest Neighbor Queries on Multimedia Data
Daniel Jasbick, Lucio Santos, Daniel Oliveira and Marcos Bedo. Some branches may bear rotten fruits: Diversity browsing VP-Trees
Lucas Santiago Rodrigues, Mirela Teixeira Cazzolato, Agma Juci Machado Traina and Caetano Traina-Jr.. Taking advantage of highly-correlated attributes in similarity queries with missing values
Richard Connor and Alan Dearle. Sampled Angles in High-Dimensional Spaces
Petr Skoda, Jakub Matejik and Tomáš Skopal. Visualizer of Dataset Similarity using Knowledge Graph
Anna Beer, Dominik Seeholzer, Nadine-Sarah Schüler and Thomas Seidl. Angle-Based Clustering
Qiao Yu, Kuan-Hsun Chen and Jian-Jia Chen. Using a Set of Triangle Inequalities toAccelerate K-means Clustering
Fabio Valerio Massoli, Fabrizio Falchi, Claudio Gennaro and Giuseppe Amato. Cross-Resolution deep features based Image Search
Fabio Carrara, Claudio Gennaro, Fabrizio Falchi and Giuseppe Amato. Learning Distance Estimators from Pivoted Embeddings of Metric Objects
Andreas Lang and Erich Schubert. BETULA: Numerically Stable CF-Trees for BIRCH Clustering
Martin Aumüller, Anders Bourgeat and Jana Schmurr. Differentially Private Sketches for Jaccard Similarity Estimation
Thomas Dybdahl Ahle and Francesco Silvestri. Similarity Search with Tensor Core Units
Hisashi Koga and Daiki Noguchi. Continuous Similarity Search for Evolving Database
Martin Aumüller and Matteo Ceccarello. Running experiments with confidence and sanity
David Bernhauer and Tomáš Skopal. Analysing Indexability of Intrinsically High-dimensional Data using TriGen
Michael E. Houle. Local Intrinsic Dimensionality III: Density and Similarity
Magnus Lie Hetland. Optimal Metric Search Is Equivalent to the Directed Minimum Dominating Set Problem
Magnus Lie Hetland. Metrics and Ambits and Sprawls, Oh My: Another Tutorial on Metric Indexing
Edgar Chavez, Oscar Pedreira and Stephane Marchand-Maillet. Reverse $k$-Nearest Neighbors Centrality Measures and Local Intrinsic Dimension
Xinsheng Li, Maria Luisa Sapino and K. Selcuk Candan. Noise Adaptive Tensor Train Decomposition for Low-Rank Embedding of Noisy Data
Mao-Lin Li, Maria Luisa Sapino and K. Selcuk Candan. GTT: Guiding the Tensor Train Decomposition
Tobias Christiani, Rasmus Pagh and Mikkel Thorup. Confirmation Sampling for Exact Nearest Neighbor Search
Silvan Heller, Mahnaz Amiri Parian, Maurizio Pasquinelli and Heiko Schuldt. vitrivr-explore: Guided Multimedia Collection Exploration for Ad-hoc Video Search
Shima Moghtasedi. Temporal Similarity of Trajectories in Graphs
Nicola Messina. Relational Visual-Textual Information Retrieval