SISAP 2019 Doctoral Symposium

First Doctoral Symposium on Similarity Search and Applications

Co-located with the main SISAP 2019 conference (October 2- 4, 2019, Newark NJ, USA)

SISAP 2019 Doctoral Symposium provides a forum for PhD students to present their research ideas and receive feedback from senior members of the research community. The Symposium fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging constructive discussions and sharing of ideas. We expect a number of the members of the Program Committee to attend the symposium.

We welcome submissions from active PhD students devoted to all issues surrounding the theory, design, analysis, practice, and application of content-based and feature-based similarity search who have not yet received their PhD degrees. You will find a detailed list of possible topics of interest on the SISAP 2019 conference website: Call for papers

Submissions from students who are in the early stages of their research should provide a clear statement of the problem being addressed, and a clear outline of the planned methodology. Submissions from students who are farther into their research should clearly state the contributions made so far, and the work lying ahead.

Important Dates

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions must be single-author, and the name of the supervisor must be clearly marked ("supervised by") on the paper, under the author’s name. The paper should be no longer than 5 pages and should be formatted with the same rules as SISAP papers. You will find these rules summarized on the SISAP 2019 conference website: Submission guidelines

Authors should submit their papers in PDF format through the EasyChair conference management system.

The manuscripts should contain the statement of the problem being addressed, an outline of the planned methodology, contributions made so far, and the work lying ahead.

It is fine if specific portions of the thesis work have been published or submitted for publication; the page limit is 5 pages, so this does not constitute a duplicate submission to SISAP.

The proceedings of SISAP 2019 Doctoral Symposium will be published by Springer as a volume in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

Review Process:

The review and decision of acceptance will balance many factors. This includes the topic and the quality of your proposal, and where you are within your doctoral education program. It also includes external factors, such as ensuring that as a group the accepted candidates exhibit a diversity of backgrounds and topics.

Candidates who have a clearly developed idea, who are formally considered by their institution to be working on their dissertation, and who still have time to be influenced by participation in the PhD Workshop will receive the strongest consideration.

Program Chair:

Ilaria Bartolini, University of Bologna