Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

Conference Venue - SISAP 2022

SISAP 2022 will be held at Complesso di San Giovanni in Monte
Piazza San Giovanni in Monte, 1/2
Bologna, Italy

The San Giovanni in Monte Complex is a historical 16th century monastery building (1543) that still today overlooks the bordering portion of the old town centre of Bologna from the artificial "hill". A former monastery of the Order of Canons Lateran, it was thoroughly restored at the end of the 1990s and streamlined again after its use as a prison between the age of Napoleon until 1984.

The restoration was a cultural revisiting of its function as place of study and meditation, which the monastery building acquired for the city during the Renaissance age. The large cloister, called "Doric" or "old", a sort of magnificent foyer onto the church square of San Giovanni in Monte that is open to the city, is extremely impressive. The 16th century executions include the large refectory, which today is the Giorgio Prodi Lecture Hall, an official hall where Bartolomeo Cesi's fresco depicting the parable of the royal wedding taken from a passage from the Gospels, Matthew 22, stands in centre stage.

On 29 January 1944, the church was badly damaged after a bombing raid, with three chapels destroyed and considerable damage to the portico, the vault, and other chapels. The church was restored between 1947 and 1950.