Accepted Papers

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Long Papers

  • Giuseppe Amato, Edgar Chávez, Richard Connor, Fabrizio Falchi, Claudio Gennaro and Lucia Vadicamo. Re-ranking Permutation-Based Candidate Sets with the n-Simplex projection
  • Larissa Shimomura, Marcos Vieira and Daniel Kaster. Performance Analysis of Graph-based Methods for Exact and Approximate Similarity Search in Metric Spaces
  • Humberto Luiz Razente, Regis Michel Dos Santos Sousa and Maria Camila Nardini Barioni. Metric Indexing Assisted by Short-term Memories
  • Lorenzo von Ritter, Michael E. Houle and Stephan Guennemann. Intrinsic Degree: An Estimator of the Local Growth Rate in Graphs
  • José Francisco Ruiz-Muñoz, César Germán Castellanos-Domínguez and Mauricio Orozco-Alzate. Relative minimum distance between projected bags for improved multiple instance classification
  • Laurent Amsaleg, Björn Þór Jónsson and Herwig Lejsek. Scalability of the NV-tree: Three Experiments
  • Gilad Baruch, Shmuel Tomi Klein and Dana Shapira. Applying Compression to\\ Hierarchical Clustering
  • Michael E. Houle, Erich Schubert and Arthur Zimek. On the Correlation Between Local Intrinsic Dimensionality and Outlierness
  • Karina Figueroa, Nora Reyes and Rodrigo Paredes. New Permutation Dissimilarity Measures for Proximity Searching
  • Michael E. Houle, Vincent Oria, Kurt R. Rohloff and Arwa Wali. LID-Fingerprint: A Local Intrinsic Dimensionality-Based Fingerprinting Method
  • Fabio Grandi. On the Analysis of Compressed Chemical Fingerprints
  • Richard Connor and Alan Dearle. Querying Metric Spaces with Bit Operations
  • Herwig Lejsek, Friðrik Heiðar Ásmundsson, Björn Þór Jónsson and Laurent Amsaleg. Transactional Support for Visual Instance Search
  • Shunta Nakagawa, Tokio Sakamoto, Yoshimasa Takabatake, Tomohiro I, Kilho Shin and Hiroshi Sakamoto. Privacy-Preserving String Edit Distance with Moves
  • Ricardo C. Sperandio, Simon Malinowski, Laurent Amsaleg and Romain Tavenard. Time Series Retrieval using DTW-Preserving Shapelets
  • Daniyal Kazempour, Kevin Bein, Peer Kröger and Thomas Seidl. D-MASC: A Novel Search Strategy for Detecting Regions of Interest in Linear Parameter Space
  • Short Papers

  • Ladislav Peska and Hana Trojanová. Towards Similarity Models in Police Photo Lineup Assembling Tasks
  • Jakub Lokoc, Werner Bailer and Klaus Schöffmann. What is the Role of Similarity for Known-Item Search at Video Browser Showdown?
  • Tomas Skopal, Ladislav Peska, Irena Holubova, Petr Pascenko and Jan Hucin. Advanced Analytics of Large Connected Data Based on Similarity Modeling
  • Demo Papers

  • Tomas Skopal, Ladislav Peska and Tomas Grosup. Interactive product search based on global and local visual-semantic features