Call for Papers – SISAP 2021

14th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications

Dortmund, Germany, Sept 29 – Oct 01, 2021

Virtual or hybrid, depending on the pandemic situation in September

Deadline: May 24, 2021 (anywhere on earth)


The 14th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP) is an annual forum for researchers and application developers in the area of similarity data management. It aims at the technological problems shared by numerous application domains, such as data mining, information retrieval, multimedia retrieval, computer vision, pattern recognition, computational biology, geography, biometrics, machine learning, and many others that make use of similarity search as a necessary supporting service. From its roots in metric indexing, SISAP has expanded to become the only international conference entirely devoted to all issues surrounding the theory, design, analysis, practice, and application of content-based and feature-based similarity search.

SISAP traditionally allows for research papers (full and short) and demo papers as well as vision papers and position papers.

Topics of Interest

The specific topics include, but are not limited to:

Special Sessions

Special sessions are mini-venues, each focusing on one state-of-the-art research direction within the field of similarity search and applications. Special session papers will supplement the regular research papers and be included in the proceedings of SISAP 2020, which are intended to be published by Springer as a volume in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. During the conference, special sessions are similar in length to regular sessions but should have a panel format, where authors start with a short presentation of their work and then participate in a moderated panel discussion with the audience, typically led by one of the special session chairs. It is expected that special session chairs attend the conference.

Special Session Process

Usually, each special session should be comprised of four to five full research papers. Special session submissions may include vision/position papers, which will be evaluated based on the quality of the arguments and ideas proposed in the papers. In order to ensure high quality of the conference papers, all papers submitted to special sessions will be peer-reviewed through a strict review process, including papers solicited by the special session chairs. If a special session has many high-quality submissions, some of the submissions may potentially be moved to regular sessions; likewise relevant accepted submissions may be moved into special sessions.

Special session papers must follow all guidelines for regular research papers regarding length, format and submission process. The review process will be coordinated with the regular technical program review process, as coordinated by the PC chairs. The organizers of each special session must obtain two reviews per submitted/invited paper, while the regular program committee will provide another two reviews. Final decision on acceptance/rejection will be proposed by the special session chairs and approved by the SISAP 2021 program committee chairs. If special session chairs submit work to their own session, the review process for those papers must be managed by the SISAP 2021 program committee chairs.

Special Session Proposal Requirements

Special session proposals must be submitted by email to the organization committee by April 12, 2021. Proposals will be evaluated by SISAP 2021 general chairs and program committee chairs, based on the relevance to SISAP, qualification(s) of the organizer(s), proposal quality, and anticipated community interest in the topic/proposed potential papers. Notifications will be sent by mid April.

Please include the following information in your proposal:

Important Dates


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Program Committee Co-Chairs

Doctoral Symposium Chair

Publication Chair

Publicity Chair