Best papers

The editors of special issue of Information Systems (T.Skopal, P.Zezula, V.Dohnal) selected the four best papers of SISAP 2009 that were invited to the mentioned journal issue. The selected papers are (alphabetically order by the authors' name):
  • Paolo Ciaccia, Marco Patella: Principles of Information Filtering in Metric Spaces
  • Richard Connor: Structural entropic difference: a bounded distance metric for tree structured data
  • David Novak, Michal Batko: Metric Index: An Efficient and Scalable Solution for Similarity Search
  • Roberto Uribe, Gonzalo Navarro: EGNAT: A Fully Dynamic Metric Access Method for Secondary Memory
The decision was based primarily on the ranks in reviews of the original SISAP submissions, on the oral presentation and on topic coverage.