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High-Dimensional Similarity Retrieval Using Dimensional Choice

Dave Tahmoush and Hanan Samet

Counting Distance Permutations

Matthew Skala

Visual similarity in sign language

Jan Ulrych and Michal Kopecky

A Contextual Normalised Edit Distance

Colin de la Higuera and Luisa Mico

On the Complexity of Reverse Similarity Search

Matthew Skala

On Reinsertions in M-tree

Jakub Loko. and Tomas Skopal

Anytime K-Nearest Neighbor Search for Database Applications

Weijia Xu, Daniel Miranker and Rui Mao

A Dynamic Pivot Selection Technique for Similarity Search

Benjamin Bustos, Oscar Pedreira and Nieves R. Brisaboa

Similarity Searching: Towards Bulk-loading Peer-to-Peer Networks

Vlastislav Dohnal, Jan Sedmidubsky, Pavel Zezula and David Novak

Approximate Similarity Search in Sequence Databases using Landmark-Guided Embedding

Ahmet Sacan and Ismail Toroslu

Effective Use of Space for Pivot-Based Metric Indexing Structures

Cengiz Celik

Combining Metric Features in Large Collections

Michal Batko, Petra Kohoutkova and Pavel Zezula

HiPeR : Hierarchical Progressive Exact Retrieval in Multi-dimensional Spaces

Nouha Bouteldja, Valerie Gouet-Brunet and Michel Scholl

List of Twin Clusters: a Data Structure for Similarity Joins in Metric Spaces

Rodrigo Paredes and Nora Reyes

An empirical evaluation of a distributed clustering-based index for metric space databases

Veronica Gil-Costa, Mauricio Marin and Nora Reyes

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